Home & Car Lockout Solutions in Dallas

At Silver Locksmith, we believe in offering fast and reliable lockout services that meet and even exceed our customer expectations. In the entire Dallas areas our professionals are known for being excellent in service delivery. Whether you have a problem with a locked car door or your home doors, our technicians will help you out in unlocking them. Doing it yourself can expose you to unnecessary risks such as damage to the car or the residential lock system. This will make you pay more for the repair and the damaged locks. 

Services we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of services that guarantee you a total lock out solution no matter how unique your situation is.

Car lock out

Whenever you are stuck because you have misplaced your car keys or the door would just not open, contact professional locksmiths immediately. All the service calls that we receive are treated with the urgency they deserve. We have the latest tools and equipment that will enable us to deliver superb service within a short time without any damages or even a small scratch. At silver locksmith, our technicians operate round the clock meaning you do not need to be worried about their availability.
Our professionals are experienced with all vehicle models and as such will unlock your car with a lot of expertise despite its model.

House Lockout

If you cannot find your home key, there is a high possibility that you have misplaced it. You need to call silver locksmith who will arrive promptly to solve your issue. Do not hire amateur lock out contractors despite the fact that they may seem cheap. At silver locksmith, we want to save you money and time. We shall undertake to service the following locks:

• Deadbolt
• Drop Bolt
• Mortise Lock
• Cylinder Lock
• Rim Cylinder Lock etc

At silver locksmiths, our professionals shall engage in lock picking. 

Why hire us?

• 24/7 availability –We treat lock out incidents whether involving cars or homes as emergencies. As such we have a team on standby ready to service the entire Dallas area. Whether you call us at 2 am or in the course the weekend, we shall attend to you.

• Professional treatment- our technicians have a high moral standard and they do their job perfectly well. They respect a client’s interior and will take all the necessary measure to ensure that service delivery is done well.

• Competitive rates- we offer the best rates in the industry and we always benchmark our charges against the industry average.

Whenever you have a lockout problem, you do not need to wait for hours. Silversmiths are always present to solve your lock out needs round the clock.