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Keep your home protected with the most advanced technology. There are so many different options to securing your home and making sure your home and loved ones are safe and secure. The most important thing is to make sure that your home is safe from burglary. Sherlock Locksmith is here for all your home security needs. We are the experts in high-security systems for keeping your home safe. We will help create the best system for your home that meets your security needs and budget requirement. For home security installation in Dallas, TX, call Sherlock Locksmith today!

Access Control & CCTV Home Security

Access Control system is a great system to have high security in your home and monitor it at all times. There are different options that can be installed that will unlock your lock electronically. You can set up a keypad, a biometrics system, or a remote or FOB entry. A keypad will work using a passcode that only those with the passcode have access to. A biometrics will work with scanning a fingerprint, and can be set up to anyone you want to have access, A remote or FOB will work on a keyless entry system. A CCTV system can be installed, which is 24-hour camera surveillance for your home. With CCTV you will be able to monitor your home at all times from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Lock Home Security Home Security System

You can have control of your home at all times from your smartphone or tablet. A smart lock is set up on your phone that relays a signal to the lock so that it will open and close even when you are not near your home. This allows you to control who has access to your home and will alert you every time someone is entering. This is the best way to notify you of activity going on inside your home.

The most affordable prices in town.

There are many options available when it comes to a high-security system in your home. Sherlock Locksmith are experts when it comes to installing your homes security system. We offer affordable prices for our service. Whatever your budget is, we will work to help get you the security you need. Our friendly staff is here to help answer all questions you may have about home security systems. For a free price quote, an expert technician will come to your house and discuss further different options and pricing for your home security system.