Safe and Vault Locks

Have a safe or vault that you lost the key for or the mechanism is broken and you can’t open it? The purpose of a safe is all in the name. It is supposed to keep something safe and secure for those who have the combination or key. The majority of the locks work by using a combination, either manually or electronic. There are many reasons you may need to get your safe or vault unlocked, and J & J Locksmith is here to help. You should always call a professional locksmith when you need a safe unlocked, because opening it yourself could end up causing damage. When you need a safe or vault unlocked in Dallas, TX call your most trusted locksmith, J & J Locksmith.

How long will it take to unlock a safe?

The amount of time to unlock a safe is dependent on the type of safe or vault. When you turn the dial in a manual combination, only the correct combination will align the mechanism inside the lock that allows it to be opened. The electronic safe works in a similar way in that you need the correct combination pass code to unlock the bolts of the lock. Very old safes or vaults may work with a key, which can be opened easily by picking the lock. One of our locksmith technicians will need to look at the type of safe to determine the best method of entry. Only then can it be determined how long it will take to unlock the safe.

Call a trusted locksmith.

When you need a safe unlocked, it is always important to call a professional locksmith. A safe is locked because there is something of value inside. Safe unlocking is a hobby of many people, especially thieves. When you need your safe unlocked, you must always have a professional open it. J & J Locksmith is a licensed locksmith company serving Dallas and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience. They have worked with many different types of locks and know ever method to getting your safe opened.

When a technician sees your safe and determines the best method to gain entry, he/she will go over with you what needs to be done. A combination lock may be opened by the technician listening to the mechanism when the dial is turned to determine the correct combination so the safe can be unlocked. An electronic safe is opened by cutting the bolts. In some cases the only method to gain entry is by drilling the lock of the safe. In any case that the only access is by drilling or cutting the bolts, there will never be any damage to the valuables inside the safe.

J & J Locksmith Dallas Safe Unlock Service

J & J Locksmith is your most trusted locksmith in Dallas, TX. Call the experts when you need a safe or vault unlocked. We are available 24 hours a day a 7 days a week, when you need your safe unlocked right away. As a licensed company, we assure that you will receive the most professional service in town. We take pride in our reputation and promise the deliver unbeatable service at affordable pricing. Call us today if you need your safe or vault unlocked.