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In terms of professionalism, Sherlock Locksmith Plano has an outstanding reputation among the Plano citizens. We have helped thousands of customers who have come to us with different locksmith needs which include lock repairs, lock picking, auto locksmith, lock replacements and many more lock and key issues.

Because of the wide range of our services, our clients always find a solution for their locksmith issues.

We have been in the industry for a long time and this has given us high level of experience that clearly sets us apart from our colleagues. Our services are professional and courteous.

Many of the clients who have walked in through our doors have found a reason to always come back. This explains our large clientele base that always speaks well of us.

Why Should You Hire Our Locksmith Services?

Customized Products

Having operated within the Plano region long enough, we have come to discover the different locksmith needs that exist. This information has helped us to design our packages so as to meet the specific needs of our clients. Every product specifications is targeted at a particular need that has been identified. We always revise our products to conform to the latest trends in the locksmith and security industry.

High Level of TechnologyLocksmith Plano

We are ranked among the top of the locksmiths in Plano TX. This is because of the fact that we have embraced new technology in its entirety. We have a website through which our clients can access our services and information about what we do. This enhances convenience on customer side and boosts client interaction on our side.

We are also in step with the latest developments in terms of threats to security and the available lock & key solutions. Through new technology, we have managed to speed up our service delivery while at the same time maintaining quality.


This has become our second name in Plano city. We are known for delivering quality services in a timely manner and in the most client friendly way. This has endeared us to our clients who always prefer our services. We promise only what we deliver and we work within the project confines in terms of cost and expectations.

We go the extra mile

In our service to our clients, we always do something extra for them. This is part of our culture to meet and exceed the needs of our consumers. For instance after fixing the locks of residential houses, we take it upon ourselves with the permission of the client to do a thorough security survey to ascertain the nature of the security within the premises.

In the case of auto locksmith services, we usually offer our vehicles so that the client can use as we repair theirs. This makes us the most preferred locksmiths in Plano city.