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Ignition Repair

Ignition Repair & Replace

Is your car not starting? Is your ignition switch locked on the key turn? Did you break your key into the ignition switch? You may need an ignition switch repair and or replacement. The first thing most people look to replace is the battery if the car will not start, this fix is only works on a small percentage and is costly if it isn’t the problem.


Repair VS Replace


Simple repairing a faulty ignition isn’t as simple as it may sound. There are many components to the ignition switch that would have to be removed and checked for proper operation. The technician will check to see if the wiring and other parts are bad. Most of the time if one piece is faulty it has caused other parts of the ignition to malfunction as well. Replacing each part piece by piece isn’t always cost effect and a replacement will need to be performed.


Once the locksmith is on site, assessed the problem with the ignition and made the referral to replace the ignition switch. Our professional locksmith will have your car working in no time. The locksmith will let you know exactly what the job will cost and an estimate time to complete the job.