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Car Key and Remote Programming

Programming your key to your vehicle

Most new vehicle models have car keys that are programmed to the vehicle. This is the anti-theft system in the vehicle so that no one can break in and no one can start the ignition without the correct key. There are different types of keys and remotes that work for each individual type of vehicle. There are transponder keys, remotes that lock and unlock your car, and last there are FOB keys. All of these need to be programmed to your vehicles anti-theft system, and J & J Locksmith can help with that. We are able to program a key or remote to any type of vehicle. We are equipped with all the tools and technology to efficiently program your key or remote to your vehicle. We are available 24 hours a day when you are in need of key or remote programming service in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Transponder Keys

A transponder key is used on the majority of vehicles made after 2000. A transponder key is a key with a chip inside that is programmed to the car so the car recognizes it is the correct key to start the ignition. This is part of the car’s anti-theft system for security purposes to ensure that no one will steal your car. At J & J Locksmith we can provide you with a transponder key for your vehicle, cut the key, and program it to your vehicle. All our technicians have experience with all types of vehicle keys. It is important to have a professional and reliable locksmith company to make your transponder key or you could be paying them money and the key may not even work. The most important step is programming the transponder key to the vehicle. The chip needs to transmit the correct signal to the ignition so that it recognizes the it is the correct key and will start the ignition.

FOB Keys

Some newer vehicles are keyless. This mean that the car anti-theft system works off a key fob, which is like a remote and key in one. When the key fob is in proximity of the vehicle the key will unlock and can start the car with a push of a button. This is know as a push-to-start system. The key fobs communicate to the car from a transmission signal from the fob to the car. The car recognizes that it is the correct fob and will unlock the car and start it. J & J Locksmith is equipped with the proper tools and knowledge when you need a new key fob made. Having a key fob through the dealership may cost you double the price and you should have to bring your vehicle to them. We offer 24 hour mobile service, so we can have a technician at your location any time of the day.

Remotes and Programming

When you have lose your keys or have had them stolen, your remote was most likely attached with it. Although we can make you a key that will lock and unlock your vehicle, you would have to do it manually. With a remote, you can open and lock your car with the click of a button. If you would like a remote programmed to your vehicle, J & J Locksmith is here to help. We will provide you with the correct type of remote that will work for your vehicle and program it. We are your most trusted locksmith company in Dallas and the surrounding areas. When you need a remote for your vehicle give us a call at (972)200-1360. All our technicians have the expertise to make sure you have a working remote for your car. You would never want to have a locksmith come and not know how to program the remote to the car. They may end up taking hours and hours and wasting your time. Call us today if you need a new remote for you vehicle!